New cryptotoken $SHFL completely sold out

The team at Shuffle, an emerging crypto casino and sports betting platform launched in February 2023, recently shared with pride the announcement of their latest milestone: the introduction of the Shuffle Token (SHFL). The announcement was well-received in the crypto world, resulting in the token being completely sold out within 3 days of pre-sale. Since its inception, Shuffle has steadily gained popularity, boasting over 35,000 enthusiastic users and an impressive 2.8 billion bets across various innovative products.

A New Gaming Experience

Shuffle is known as a trailblazer in the crypto casino landscape, with a strong focus on providing an immersive and first-class user experience. “At Shuffle, we believe that every game should be an adventure,” says a spokesperson for the platform. “Our community has informed us that traditional casinos often fall short in terms of user experience, bonuses, and the overall gaming experience. With the Shuffle Token, we aim to change that.”

The Power of $SHFL

The Shuffle Token (SHFL) marks a significant step forward in the platform’s quest to provide the best crypto casino experience. With SHFL, Shuffle is committed to unlocking a new wave of innovation in the casino industry and strengthening its position as the most rewarding casino on the market.

More than 31% of SHFL tokens are allocated to the Shuffle treasury.

SHFL will seamlessly integrate with Shuffle’s core platform and will reward the most active users, strengthen the community, and take the gaming experience to new heights. “With SHFL, we aim to create an ecosystem where players truly feel like they are part of something special,” adds the spokesperson.

Exciting Applications of $SHFL

Excited about the future of SHFL, Shuffle shares some exciting applications of the token:

  • Use as a wager asset in various games
  • A buyback & burn mechanism to support the value of SHFL
  • Exclusive bonuses and VIP privileges for SHFL holders
  • [Censored & Coming Soon]

Sold Out

Additionally, the token is completely sold out, even before the scheduled end date of the token’s pre-sale. It took them only 3 days to sell all available tokens, raising $20 million from investors worldwide.

Distribution and Future Outlook

$SHFL will initially be distributed among Shuffle’s core users through a series of airdrops. Over the coming years, a total of 28% of the SHFL supply will be airdropped to the community, with the first airdrop including a whopping 10% of the total supply.

Shuffle looks confidently to the future, seeing SHFL as an integral part of its growth plans. “With SHFL, we aim not only to strengthen our position as a leading crypto casino but also to build a community of players that thrive together,” concludes the spokesperson.

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