Largest online casino accepts Terra Classic ($LUNC)


Against all odds, the hype surrounding Terra Classic ($LUNC) seems to be intensified. In the last few days, the price of $LUNC to some extent declined, but remained relatively stable. This is quite exceptional and promising, given the bear market. However, this is not the only promising news in regards to $LUNC. One of the largest online casino just revealed that they are accepting Terra Classic ($LUNC) as a method of payment.

Beware: investing money always involves risks!

This is great news for people who engage in cryptocurrency and would like to remain anonymous. Because the casino allows users to gamble anonymously. Another benefit compared to other online casino’s is that the payout almost occurs instantly in your $LUNC wallet. Furthermore, since $LUNC integrated the ‘burn’ mechanism, the online casino will aid in the ‘burn’ of $LUNC with every transaction. Therefore, reducing the total supply of $LUNC.

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Because of the initial defect of $LUNC described in a previous article, which resulted in a surge of the total $LUNC in circulation. $LUNC integrated a ‘burn’ mechanism, which burns 1.2% of every withdrawals and deposits.

Major casino accepts Terra Classic $LUNC

Unfortunately, there are few online bitcoin/crypto casinos that are reliable. But luckily there some in the industry that are trustworthy. Recently, one of the largest and most trustworthy online casino revealed that they are accepting Terra Classic ($LUNC), among other cryptocurrencies, as a method of payment. The major advantage of this casino is that they also have a Terra Classic wallet. This means that it would automatically participate in the burn!

The casino has a huge clientele and received several prices.

The online casino has a solid reputation in the online casino industry due to the following reasons:

First of all, the casino enables users to gamble anonymously. This would be perfect for crypto enthusiast that prefer to stay off the radar. Secondly, their website is user friendly and the process of collecting your winnings is really simple. Moreover, the winnings are directly transferred to a wallet of your choice.

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