There was a mermaid found at the beach of Kilauea Falls in Hawaii. Unfortunately they both passed away when they found them.

These pictures are pretty shocking and look very unrealistic, but we are certainly not sure if the pictures of the mermaids or fake or not. We honestly haven’t got a clue what to say about these pictures.


It is also completely up to you to judge of every single picture. The first discovery of a mermaid was in Greenland and after that they were found in many different locations.

In the slideshow below you will see different pictures of the mermaid, for example:

– A close up of the mermaid
– Her back and side
– The lower body
– The upper body
– A very good closeup of the entire “body”
– A closeup of the mermaid when she still was alive
– One that was found in Egypt
– And the skeleton